The Platform

The World's first and only
continuous innovation platform.

Manage your continuous innovation process on LEANSTACK.

Business Model

Spend more time testing versus planning your business.

Capture your idea in 20 minutes versus 20 days on a 1-page Lean Canvas.

A single page business model is much easier to share with others which means it will be read by more people and also more frequently updated.


Traction Model

Stop drowning in a sea of numbers.

Chart a roadmap and measure progress using just 7 key metrics.

Fewer numbers allow you to pinpoint the problem areas holding your business back and focus on the right actions that stand to drive the biggest impact.


Sprint Board

Focus on your riskiest assumptions or constraints.

Visualize your goals, risks, validation plans, and experiments on a single page.

Keeping your work in one place allows your team to see the big picture, dive into details, and always stay in sync.