Customer Forces - A Problem Discovery Tool

Understand Your Customers Better Than They Do

The challenge today isn’t building more products, but uncovering the better product to build — which begs the question: “What defines a better product?”

Starting with problems before solutions is key, and our Customer Forces tool helps you uncover big problems worth solving using carefully scripted customer interviews.

The Customer Forces tool helps you

Capture insights from customer interviews to understand the causal forces that drive customer behavior.

Surface key insights using cluster analysis and jobs-to-be-done based segmentation.

Use these key insights to build features that cause a switch.

"Say no to surveys and focus groups. Conducting carefully unscripted customer interviews is the fastest way to learn."

Ash Maurya
Running Lean

Maximize learning from every customer conversation

Traditional customer development approaches ask you to conduct 50-100 customer interviews. With our approach, you start uncovering actionable insights with just 5-10 customer interviews. Here's how it works.

Transcribe your customer interviews

Trying to capture every customer insight during an interview is a daunting task because you often don't know what you don't know at the outset. This is why we recommend recording every customer conversation (with permission, of course) and transcribing your conversation. It's far more effective to simply focus on conducting a good interview and mining your conversation for insights as a post-processing activity. Doing this has the added benefit of involving your entire team which help keep your biases in check.

Sentiment Map

Visualize the shapes of your customer stories

Once transcription is complete, our sentiment analysis feature immediately scores the overall conversation and helps you identify key moments in the conversation where customer happiness peaks or dips. These hills and valleys help you home in on key insights and opportunities for building better products.

Quickly navigate the interview

Our click-to-jump feature helps you quickly jump to a particular sections in the interview making post-processing a 45-minute interview a snap. You can also hide certain sections, like intros and outros, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Annotate interviews

Map key insights using annotations

As you discover key insights in the conversation, like triggering events, you use our built-in vocabulary of annotations to capture them within the customer transcript.

Capture the Global Story

These annotations help you immediately distill the customer conversation into a Global Story. The Global Story, like a movie trailer, summarizes the gist of the customer journey using key moments.


Go even deeper with scenes

Scenes help you zoom into a particular section in the customer journey. This is often where the most impactful insights are hidden.

Surface patterns across your interviews

As a natural side-effect of annotating and tagging your interviews, we help you surface the most actionable insights that help you spot key customer clusters and problems worth solving.

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