LEANSTACK Certified Mentor

Brian Gladden, DBA
Brian Gladden, DBA
Startup Coach - Expert in helping you find unmet demand & create uncontested market space
Mentor Workshop - Completed July 2020


I help startups use the Lean Canvas/Lean Startup methods to create their business model and business plan. Services: Pitch deck creation, Problem-Solution Fit, validate assumptions and design experiments, Product-Market Fit, MVP, create Blue Oceans.

I currently am the Entrepreneur in Residence for the Sacramento State University Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
I have been trained and certified by the creators of Lean Canvas and work closely with startups and entrepreneurs each day. I am one of the leading experts on Blue Ocean Strategy in the United States. I have spent years researching business model design and innovation, and have been trained by the creators of Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas and testing business ideas. I have been certified in Design Thinking foundations. Very few consultants (if any) have spent years researching these topics, been trained by those leading theorists, and have a doctorate in business strategy & innovation. Each of them has the customer's needs at the center of the process. I have integrated these leading innovation frameworks into a Customer Centered Innovation Framework.

I have 30 years experience in strategic planning and working with Start-Up and Fortune 50 companies. Past work experience with American, Canadian, Swiss, German, and Japanese firms. I have had several failed startup attempts and have been a part of the dot.com bust. These lessons learned are a big piece of my experience of what not to do - no substitute for having lived experiences.


Rocklin United States
Pacific Time (US & Canada)