A directory of LEANSTACK certified mentors with the training and skills to
deliver innovative breakthroughs for your business or project.
Phillip Smith
Media Startup Coach
San Francisco United States
My passion is helping:💰 1. Newsrooms make more money; 📈 2. News startups grow their audience; 🔥 3. Journalists succeed as entrepreneurs. Let's talk 📩
Alejandra Gonzalez
I help innovators manifest their vision. From ideas to desirable products and viable businesses.
Dublin Ireland
Do you know how you decide what you decide? More than ever we need clarity to make evidence-based decisions. Your sales&marketing strategies won't work if your services are not continually adapted. These are VUCA times (volatile,uncertain, complex and ambiguous) and now i's time to become a "...
Early-Stage Business & Product Consultancy
Leicester United Kingdom
I specialise in taking startups, scale-ups & more established businesses from confusion to clarity.As an MBA qualified consultant, Forbes contributor & co-author of the book “Online Innovation”.My practice has been shaped by Lean startup, Jobs-to-be-done, Testing business ideas, OKRs, Ide...
Julien Marchand
Startup coach helping you future proof you and your business
Sydney Australia
I am a dad, a coach for startup founders and an assistant Professor in entrepreneurship. I help early-stage entrepreneurs build business outcomes for their ventures and develop entrepreneurial competencies for themselves with group and individual coaching programs. I do so at Fishburners Co-wo...
Mark Channon
Mindset & Startup Coach
Sevenoaks United Kingdom
Connect if you are ready to: 🧠 Uncover hidden challenges. ⚡️ Learn faster than your competition. 😁 Go to market with a product your customers can't live without. Hi, I'm Mark. Like many entrepreneurs, my background is eclectic. From creating a prime-time game show for the BBC that aired to 8 m...
Rick Benavidez
Product-Focused Engineer / Servant Leader
Austin United States
Rick is a Co-founder at LEANSTACK, working closely with Ash in support of their mission to help entrepreneurs everywhere succeed.
Brian Gladden, DBA
Startup Coach - Expert in helping you find unmet demand & create uncontested market space
Rocklin United States
I help startups use the Lean Canvas/Lean Startup methods to create their business model and business plan. Services: Pitch deck creation, Problem-Solution Fit, validate assumptions and design experiments, Product-Market Fit, MVP, create Blue Oceans. I currently am the Entrepreneur in Resi...
Roland Ringgenberg
Create Continuous Impact on the Digital Business Platform
Suhr Switzerland
Web3 Digital Architect and Coach for Strategic Innovation empowering leading edge entrepreneurs to build digital trust and shape our hyper-connected world. I enable you to create and deliver continuous impact on the digital business platform, as digital ecosystems provide and demand new ways to d...
Martina Goss
Achieve your Ambitions.
Trying to navigate the early stages of a start-up and the world of business can feel daunting - but there is a simple way. Using LEANSTACKs Continuous Innovation Framework, and my background in finance, I am here to assist and support you on your journey, helping simplify the process, so you...
Ada Ryland
Earlystage Founder Trainer and Coach
Austin United States
Ada is an award-winning founder trainer and coach who has been practicing Ash Maurya’s advanced lean approaches since 2014. She has guided 200+ entrepreneurs through their early stage and works as an instructor and resource for several startup pre-accelerators and accelerators. In her private pra...
Customer-centred product growth coach
New Zealand
Entrepreneurial startup mentality at enterprise scale. Run workshops and coach product execs and cross-functional delivery teams, to support, customise and scale practices for innovation. Her upbeat style cultivates an engaged learning culture. Results speak for themselves with a net promoter sc...
Sophie Besitka
Entrepreneur | Inbound strategist | Helping founders think, launch, and scale lean! 🇶🇦🇺🇸🇵🇭
Doha Qatar
My personal mission is to awaken the entrepreneur in everyone. I believe in creating a world where opportunities for the entrepreneur exist regardless of where they come from or where they are in their journey. I help early-stage founders and teams develop the right mindsets, establish stronger f...
George Bandarian
7-figure Exit in ’18, Now Coaching & Investing in Promising Tech Startup Founders
Los Angeles United States
George is an angel investor, startup founder coach, and the founder and managing director at ValueScaler, a startup accelerator with virtual cohorts (and plans for a physical office in Glendale in the near future). George helps promising founders of venture-backed startups land their first dozen...
Harsh Daharwal
Startup and High Performance Coach, IT Executive
Boise United States
As a certified Leanstack coach, I help aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs build the next generation of products using the Continuous Innovation Framework. Before starting my entrepreneurial journey, I spent 25+ years in high-tech businesses. I was fortunate to have a varied experience worki...
Jonas Van Poucke
Discover and create successful products with confidence
Ghent Belgium
▶ Discover and create successful products with confidence ◀ I help you - product manager, domain expert or leader - so that you have confidence in the products, services and business you create. I know you make tough decisions on usability, feasibility and valuability. I help you maximise your ...
Mohammed Al Rasbi
Mohammed Al Rasbi
Muscat Oman
Mohammed Al Rasbi is an Omani serial entrepreneur, startup mentor and technical director. Mohammed started his first business in 2003 and has since been working in the information technology industry. With a comprehensive understanding of market evolution and online technologies, Mr. Al Rasbi is ...
James Shoemark
CoFounder and CEO at The Startup Race - Virtual International Accelerator
Edinburgh United Kingdom
Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor in Scotland / UK / USA
Dan Collins
Always thinking different | Startup Coach | MBA | Early-Stage VC
Manchester, UK United Kingdom
I'm Dan, an early-stage startup coach with an MBA based in England, UK. I have over 2 years experience working with 1000s of Founders in evaluating and validating early-stage startups for Venture Capital investment; Particularly in Tech - HealthTech, FinTech, Marketplaces, ECommerce, LawTech a...
Hannah Castle
Program Manager
Regina Canada
Hannah here! I made the leap into startups + technology in summer of 2019 and I haven't looked back. Here at Cultivator we are fired up about the growing tech sector in Saskatchewan. I work closely with all of our founders to build programs that can help them take their idea to scale. My backgrou...
Jonathan Misrahi
Lets change the world, helping one person at a time
Im a Purpose driven seasoned entrepreneur out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I fully flow when I can help others, by showing them pathways to self-realize.
Ljubisa Petrovic
Strategy. Sales. Execution. Coaching.
Belgrade Serbia
In summary I am working with SME's and startups on creation of their overall strategy and sales strategy. Working with founders on value creation and execution. Along the way coach founders to become better leaders and to lead teams more effectively. My background is in FMCG and retail, and ...
marc steren
Proven Startup coach
Gaithersburg United States
Marc has coached over 150 student startups. Co-Director of Georgetown University's Summer Launch Incubator, teams have gone on to be worth over $225 million. Marc has started 5 companies, from RFID ticketing, restaurants to real estate.
Marielien Titeux
Customer Journey And Performance Marketing Management Consultant
Brussels Belgium
I help corporate innovators and companies in full transformation map out the customer journey and pinpoint how each online touchpoint contributes to the business' objectives, so they can: ⭐️ Make constructive decisions that drive the business. ⭐️ Invest their time, budget and team on reproduc...
Ole Petter Fjellstad
Startup Coach
Ballangen Norway
Fjellstad is a practicing entrepreneur, who in addition to working on his own projects, also is running a local incubator and accelerator. Fjellstad has an MSc. degree from the University of Odense in strategic planning and international marketing. He has worked as a university teacher in the sam...
Ross McKay - Professional Mentor
Building a business from just an idea is hard. We make it a whole lot easier, quicker, with zero guesswork, much less stressful and a heap more fun. If it was easy everyone would do it. Having us on your side is like having the Justice League on your side…but with much less spandex.
Canberra, Sydney Australia
HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?Transform your business with continuous customer discoveryBringing together smart ideas, funding sources and right talent at the right timeCommercialisation masterclasses for equity-free grant fundingEliminate risk and uncertainty in your startup using proven validation method...
Saif Al Maamari
Muscat Oman
A Participant, Mentor and Analyst in multiple of cohorts in Pre-seed and Seed accelerator programs and also experienced in evaluation the good investment in the very early stages and the growth stage, I involved in more than 100 investment decisions in Pre-seed, Seed and growth stages. Couple of...
Sheow Vern Chan
Marketer | Media Planner | Researcher | Business Planning Facilitator | Startup Coach
Sydney Australia
A jack in marketing, research, media and business planning, this combo allows Vern's holistic approach to provide insights to founders and teams. Passionate about changing mindsets and behaviours, Vern aims to unleash people's full potential. Recently certified as a LeanStack Coach, Vern is thril...