LEANSTACK Certified Mentor

Sophie Besitka
Sophie Besitka
Entrepreneur | Inbound strategist | Helping founders think, launch, and scale lean! 🇶🇦🇺🇸🇵🇭
Mentor Workshop - Completed December 2020


My personal mission is to awaken the entrepreneur in everyone. I believe in creating a world where opportunities for the entrepreneur exist regardless of where they come from or where they are in their journey. I help early-stage founders and teams develop the right mindsets, establish stronger foundations, and design/implement better experiments to gain traction so they can thrive.

I specialize in sales and inbound marketing. My first "real" job was as an inbound strategist for an early-stage startup based in Los Angeles and I haven't left the scene since then! I grew up in the Philippines, worked with a couple startups in California, and currently live in Qatar. In 2017, I have co-founded a marketing and advertising tech startup that has been incubated by the Qatar Business Incubation Center. As I journeyed along, I discovered greater fulfillment in coaching founders and early-stage teams.

Today, I am focused on helping build a wider "Leanstack-minded" community...one empowered entrepreneur at a time.


Doha Qatar
Central Time (US & Canada)
English, Filipino