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Create the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Our platform provides online tools, a stage-based curriculum, and instructor training that help you transform how you teach entrepreneurship.

LEANSTACK transforms how entrepreneurship is taught.

A foundational blueprint for building and scaling entrepreneurship education in a world where remote/hybrid classrooms is the new normal.

1. Start with entrepreneurial mindsets.

Entrepreneurial thinking is a key skill to teach future generations.

Entrepreneurial thinking isn’t just for startups anymore. From pandemics to climate change, we are increasingly living in a rapidly changing world riddled in extreme uncertainty. Navigating this new world will require new problem solving mindsets built on continuous learning and rapid experimentation.

We are living in a new world which requires a new operating system. The good news is entrepreneurial thinking can be taught to anyone, but you have to take a different approach.

LEANSTACK helps you transform how you teach entrepreneurial thinking by starting with key mindsets and reinforced with experiential learning.

Start with mindset.

2. Use our battle-tested stage-based curriculum.

Good teams practice good habits. These can be measured and used to find high-performance teams.

The early stage is all about investing in the right people and teams — not ideas. The only thing certain is that early ideas will drastically change.

Good teams quickly recognize and kill off bad ideas and eventually find good ideas. Bad teams can’t tell a good idea from a bad idea and they either stick with bad ideas too long or hopelessly fumble good ideas. You need a way to quickly separate good teams from bad teams.

LEANSTACK helps you teach these critical thinking skills and identify talents using data heuristics (and machine learning) that track skills, activities, and traction.

What we measure to determine EntrepreneurIQ.

3. Teach entrepreneurial thinking through a consistent and Socratic experiential learning approach.

Entrepreneurship is like a martial art. It can only be learned by doing.

The most impactful way to teach entrepreneurship is through a consistent process. Predictable results come from consistent processes. This is ever so important during the early stage of an idea riddled with extreme uncertainty.

LEANSTACK helps you scale mentorship by providing a coaching system derived from thousands of hours of coaching startups that helps you spend more time accelerating versus educating your startups.

A battle-tested approach to building companies that matter built on two cult-classic bestsellers.

4. Track and audit student outcomes using cohort analytics.

Measure, refine, improve.

The key to improving your portfolio results is through continuous innovation of your own. Cohort analysis, i.e. measurement in batches versus aggregate, is the gold standard for isolating changes and inferring causality in your programming versus wildly changing lots of things and going around in circles. Once you normalize your data across cohorts, you can more easily identify what's working and double down.

LEANSTACK helps you measure performance across cohorts, teams, and individual founders so you can continuously optimize your programs.

Track and drive learning outcomes using cohort analytics.

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