LEANSTACK Certified Mentor

Alejandra Gonzalez
Alejandra Gonzalez
I help innovators manifest their vision. From ideas to products and businesses. A directory of LEANSTACK certified mentors with the training and skills to deliver innovative breakthroughs for your business or project.
Mentor Workshop - Completed April 2020


Do you know how you decide what you decide? More than ever we need clarity to make evidence-based decisions. Your sales&marketing strategies won't work if your services are not continually adapted. These are VUCA times (volatile,uncertain, complex and ambiguous) and now i's time to become a "vucaneer". Serial intrapreneur, with more than 20 solutions launched. During 4 years assessing startups at an Incubation center. I hold a MSc. in engineering and a Masters in Finance but what differentiates me is that I had to self learn everything, from facilitation techniques (Simplexity), marketing, finance to design thinking to make all my ideas happen. During 20 years I have worked in the fields of product innovation, portfolio management, user-centric service design, strategy, facilitation and coaching. If you need someone committed, passionate about business innovation, rooting for your business idea, that´s me!


Dublin Ireland
English, Spanish