LEANSTACK Certified Mentor

Frederik Vosberg
Frederik Vosberg
Software Engineer and IT-Consultant with focus on lean innovation
Mentor Workshop - Completed May 2020
Mentor Workshop - Completed January 2021


I have a strong background in software engineering, but what thrives me the most is working with people in other roles. I love being part of a team, which gets great work done and is responsible for a successful product. Since I've worked for a startup, I'm fascinated with enabling the product development to validate the market hypotheses. I also help to build development teams and help them defining a reasonable MVP, which purpose it will be to collect to drive quantitative validation. Currently I'm working in the context of a product development team broadening the portfolio of a bank. On a side I try to apply the same principals from Lean Innovation to a campaign to gather more insights about customers in in a more classic environment.


Bonn Germany
German, English