LEANSTACK Certified Mentor

Harsh Daharwal
Harsh Daharwal
Entrepreneur, Leadership and Lean Startup Coach, IT Executive
Mentor Workshop - Completed April 2021


As a practicing entrepreneur and certified Leanstack coach, I coach aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate innovation labs to systematically transform their ideas from a twinkle in the eyes to successful products, services, and thriving companies. I also offer leadership training programs and coaching to individuals and organizations to improve their personal and team effectiveness. Before starting my entrepreneurial journey, I have spent more than a quarter-century in high-tech businesses. I was fortunate to have a varied experience of working in small startups of few people to large organizations with thousands of people. My background includes software product development, software quality assurance, professional and IT services delivery, and providing technical support to worldwide customers. In my long career, I had the privilege of leading many geographically distributed teams and coaching highly talented people from several different countries.


Boise United States
Mountain Time (US & Canada)
English, Hindi