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Thomas Davenport

Thomas Davenport

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About Thomas

At T4 Consulting, we specialise in helping companies understand their customers better, so the right decisions can be made about which products and services should be brought to market (and which ones shouldn't). We do this through in-depth studies of a company's target customers and what they are trying to achieve when using a product or service (their Job-to-be-Done). The insights we provide are data driven, specific and actionable. Knowing the target customers’ needs in detail across their entire Job-to-be-Done (exactly where they are under-served, appropriately served, and over-served) helps guide companies to the right decisions about what to help their customers with. What features to include, what to leave out, what segments exist, and where to start. However, knowing where to start is only the beginning. It is critical that companies rigorously validate their product / service concepts in the market BEFORE they invest in building. Companies regularly waste millions of dollars and years of development on products that fail, all because they have made incorrect assumptions. That's why we also teach our clients how to use LeanStack, it is hands down the best and most efficient way to develop and validate product offers that will be successful in the market. Our clients not only get great results from the engagement, they are also left with a solid skill set and process around Lean Sprints (lean canvases, experiments, sprint boards, sprint reviews, etc) that will benefit them for years to come.


Sydney Australia

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